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To whom it may concern:

This year, the nominating committee of the Seaford Manor PTA consisted of the following individuals:


  • Kayla Motroni, Co-Chair, PTA Executive Board Member

  • Amanda Schaefer, Co-Chair, PTA Executive Board Member

  • Melissa Whidden, General PTA Member


Additionally, we were assisted by the following individuals, as historically done within our unit:


  • Stephanie Andersen, General PTA Member

  • Karissa Mathewson, PTA Executive Board Member


Our committee met twice, beginning on March 29, 2023. As per National PTA guidelines, the committee took into account the following:


  • Must be a PTA member (if this is a problem for incoming kindy moms you

  • should ask them to join ASAP)

  • Must be enthusiastic/supportive of PTA Unit

  • Must believe in purpose of PTA

  • Should have experience in PTA or other organizational work

  • Should have understanding of PTA and its role in community/school

  • Should be able to work well with people

  • Must be fair and objective

  • Should have done a good job carrying out responsibilities


Additionally, we made sure to:

  • Consider the type of leadership that will best further goals/purpose of the PTA

  • Review tenure of incumbent officers

  • Consider potential nominees’ ability to work well with others/if they have sufficient time to do the job


Each role was approached in isolation, and only candidates who submitted nominations for that position were evaluated. No candidate was evaluated for a position they were not nominated for.  

After deliberations, the committee puts forth the following for the 2023-2024 Seaford Manor PTA Executive Board:


President: Stefanie Brooks

VP Communications: Amanda Schaefer

VP Membership: Karissa Mathewson

Treasurer: Danielle Bevilacqua

Recording Secretary: Danielle Palumbo

Corresponding Secretary: Dave Dodds

Historian: April Kalina

Parliamentarian: Jacquelyn Rogers

Enrichment Coordinator: Leigh Delaney

Fundraising Coordinator: Kayla Motroni

Community Outreach Coordinator: Gabby Wasenius

Family Events Coordinator: Brittany Kunz

District Coordinator 1 - Elementary: Stephanie Nunziata

District Coordinator 2 - SEPTA: Megan Bevan

District Coordinator 3 - PTSA: Christi Terjesen

District Coordinator 4 - BOE: Melissa Whidden

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